5 Signs that your diet is too strict

avoid too strict diets

# 1. You eliminate too many foods from your diet

If your diet to lose weight has become monotonous and boring, and all lunches and dinners are virtually identical it is clear that you are following a very restrictive and unhealthy regime.

# 2. Do not you allow any whim

Dieting does not mean you cannot eat anything you like. In fact, the idea is quite the opposite. Make a deal with yourself to strengthen your willpower, but always allow yourself those things you know you love and make you feel good, in moderation! If not, your diet is too strict.

# 3. Food has become your obsession

When trying to lose weight, and your body always does not have enough food, it may be the case that your mind is found only thinking about food. If it is not something very spot by seeing a delicious donut in a pastry shop, you should think about adjusting the diet you are following.

# 4 You lose weight very quickly

Although losing weight very fast looks good, you should know that it is really not. It is not for your own health, but also for the rebound effect that it can provoke. This is another clear sign that you must change habits because your diet is too restrictive.

# 5 You have major mood changes

The mood swings can be triggered by many causes, but one of the most common when you’re dieting is a lack of blood sugar. If you’re often irritable, it is likely that your diet is too strict for your body and it is advisable to give a little respite in weight loss.

So the best option to get a healthy low-calorie diet is not having a strict diet that will cause problems. It is always better to be a little more flexible, be in a better mood and try to make the weight loss process more bearable. The best alternative? A varied diet that includes control without excess calories. An 1800 calorie diet may be the right one for you especially if you are diabetic. This meal plan may be helpful.