Top Foods to Stay Full

Whole grain foods

Whole grains

As a first satiating food, we will highlight whole grains. As we know cereals are the staple food, as they represent the fuel we need for our body to function properly. Consuming whole grains get our stomach stay full longer, because of their fiber content, in addition to the complex carbohydrates they feature. Something similar happens with brown rice, which is another highlight of the satiating food.


This fruit contains high doses of fiber that enter the stomach to increase its size making us feel full and do not need more food. It is a type of fruit consumed little and to keep in mind from now. It is important that we differentiate between sweet fruit and extracted from it, as it is also satiating, but it contains a lot of sugar, giving us a lot of unnecessary calories.


Legumes are totally beneficial for keeping us full. Legumes have long been associated with fat and extra calories when they are not for because they are natural fat-free plant food. Legumes give us besides vitamins and minerals, the fiber that also help us to end hunger and get full stomach with very few calories.


Nuts should also be within this group of foods that will help us keep a full stomach. It is true that they provide essential fatty acids, but also calories, so we should not abuse their intake. However, we must not banish them from the diet, because they give a sense of fullness and lack of hunger that will help us not to eat more food while we draw correctly.


Vegetables are good for eating to prevent weight gain and to lose weight. Among the variety of vegetables available to us, we will highlight the green beans because they are high in fiber, which will give us a greater sense of satiety. Alongside these, we have will peas, stewed to replace a meal consumed by its power to end our hunger. Spinach will also help to control hunger, besides giving our body a host of benefits because of the antioxidants they contain.

Algae and dates

These are certainly more curious because they are less used in our diet. Among them, there is the Spirulina, which has the power to increase its size in the stomach giving us the feeling of being filled. We also have at our disposal a fruit, dates, which have a high satiating power. Therefore these foods need to be part of the diet in order to get more control of what we eat.